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What to wear on a Twerk Class?

The most common question I get about the TwerkFit classes is "What should I wear?" The second most popular one is: "What if I don`t know how to twerk"

And that's when I laugh and say, this is why you come for the class, to learn how to twerk.

When it comes to the "Twerk gear" etiquette there are a few things worth knowing.

Firstly you either wear a "Twerk-short" that is designed to be loose on your booty to allow it to flop or really thin summer-like leggings that are not too stretchy.

I have seen so many times that girls are coming to the class in traditional gym shorts and because they are designed to be tight and squat proof they will keep your booty in one place. Not allowing it to shake, pop and when we practice the moves they get disappointed and ask "Why my booty doesn't move like yours?" Well, It's your shorts that restrict your booty to move.

Where are the best places to get Twerk Shorts?

You won't believe me if I say except if you are Irish... Penny's baby! In spring/ summer time it usually cost between €2- €5 to get these type of shorts and they are just perfect for the purpose.

If you have more time like 4-6 weeks to wait but still only have a few bobs to spare then go to the good old or

If you want to take twerking seriously... well I mean if you think you will do this more than just once in a while I would recommend you to invest in a more durable twerk short.

(I tell you a funny story when one of these shorts above ripped on my "ASS" in the middle of the class... I am lucky not to be embarrassed so easily.)

Here are my two (three) favorite places I get my shorts from:

  • - These would be somewhere around €20-30

  • - These would be more like €50/ pair plus shipping from the states so quite pricy but booty perfect.

  • The third site is this very site you are on. I have collected many different providers' shorts from affordable to more professional use. Check it out here: SHOP

Now what else you may possibly want in a Twerk class?

Knee pads or High knee socks to protect your knees from kneeling, sliding on the floor.

It`s not necessary or essential but might make your experience easier if you have sensitive skin or bruise easily. I use the high knee socks more as an accessory as my knees are quite used to floor twerking by now.

If you are coming to one of the NEON Twerk classes I teach then white or yellow/ green high knee socks can be an amazing addition to your outfit as they will glow in the dark. As well as a cool neon glow twerk shorts too. You can easily get the socks from any local "Party shop" in the name of the 80`s Aerobic style or from Amazon .

The last and my absolute favorite addition to any Twerk class are the Shoes.

These shoes cost around €25-30. Perfect for general dancing and quite comfortable. It also lightened up many of my nights. And of course, you buy them from Amazon

The last three items I will list here are for the hardcore Home NEON Twerkers only. If you just love throwing a party for the girls and dancing in your apartment or if you just love dancing on your own in the "Disco" dark. Maybe doing the TwerkFit Workout app NEON home workout videos then here is your kit to turn your room into a nightclub. These are around €30-40 again on Amazon. Check out in this link the one I have.

And the other one would be the actual NEON lights. I have two of these to light up a medium size studio so you might be fine just with one for your room.

And lastly, the colour changing wall/ floor lights can work as a general light in your room based on what moon you are on.

I hope you found all the tips, tricks, and answers you were looking for about what to wear on a twerk class and how to set up your own twerk studio for your own or for other entertainment.

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