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Frequently Asked Questions


Kundalini Yoga

Do I need previous experience?

All Kundalini classes are suitable for beginners and for anyone with specific injuries shall contact via email before book.

What do I need to bring?

Yoga Mat
Optional Blanket and small pillow for the meditation or an extra warm jumper jacket.
In regards to water consumption I would recommend to drink before and after and only a very small amount during the class.

How many students are in each class?

There classes are all small intimate classes with max around 6 ppl to ensure everyone gets attention from the teacher.

Twerk Fit 

Do I need previous experience?

You will learn the basic twerk moves during the class. You need NO previous twerk experience.

What do I need to bring?

Water as you will sweat a lot and towel. Recommended to wear shorts or very loose leggings, trousers. Knee pads are optional but not necessary.

What is the difference between Neon and regular Twerk Classes?

Neon and Regular twerk are nearly the same but in NEON Twerk we have darkness in the room with only neon and disco lights for the `Night Club feeling` Because of the darkness in the room some people find this more comfortable to dance freely. Usually this class is a bit longer because of the set up of the room and the neon body/ face paint application but the core dancing part is the same as the 1hr regular class. The one hour regular class also contain a small choreography to learn at the end which may take the last 20 min of the class. 

What if I don`t know how to Twerk?

Don`t worry this is definitely not a professional class or a Tik Tok dance video choreography. Similarly simple like Zumba classes that using the Latin music elements where as this class is still a fitness focused dance class using Hip-hop and Twerk elements.
When we do learn simple choreography and record the dance we mainly do it for our own entertainment and you can always ask not to be on the video. Promise no judgement this is a fun class and again definitely not about dance performance.

Upbeat Dance Class
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