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January - Let`s get TwerkFit!

People always ask me how did you get so good at twerking?

Honestly, Yoga helped me a lot in balance, flexibility, and Pilates to learn how to control my lower back and pelvic floor. Once you do more of the type of training and the TwerkFit classes you will find your techniques gets better because your strength allows you to complete the moves.

I also think one of the most important tools is "feedback" - Mirror/ Video/ Photos

Seeing yourself doing something is totally different than doing it and thinking you are doing it right. And this is all just sensory learning facts. It's how we learn. So whether you are friends with your mirror or like being videoed or not you will need some sort of feedback to improve.

Here are some moves that I would highly recommend to practice from the Yoga and Pilates world to help you achieve the perfect Twerk Moves:

The famous pelvic tilt:

Activating your glutes is s super important as well as learning how to loosen it so you can master the shaking on the twerking class. This is a quite simple and underrated exercise that does so much good for your back as well.

The Stability ball hip mobility:

This is one of my personal favorite ones because it allows you to safely discover the hip moves. I practice pelvic tilt on it, then side dips with the hip and circles to both directions. It may be going to look like you are not doing much but trust me when it comes to core strength and hip control I believe this is the best way to go.

Plie or Sumo Squats:

Strengthen and firm your inner tights, shape and lift up your booty in one exercise. I would just do bodyweight and pulse on the bottom or hold for a few seconds on the bottom. Once you get comfortable with the move maybe it's time to place the hands onto the knees and practice that pelvic tilt as well, then you are inches away from the twerk move itself.

Any Yoga balancing moves:

Balance is the key when it comes to any dancing. Balance helps your muscles to move in coherence with the intention. Check out one of my Booty Yoga videos on Youtube that uses these moves accessively to get you the result.

If you are in for a real good toning session I also have a very special Twerk Video for you which is focused not on the choreography but much on the toning and shaping elements of the movements.

It's also quite similar to the TwerkFit Mobile APP I have where you get once a week a Cardio, a Toning, a Sexy Flexy, and a Neon Twerk Party. So obviously this would be like a "Toning" day workout. If you do it I guarantee you will feel it all over and it's only 20min.

Now you are all set and ready to go deep into the Twerk Moves.

Work smart, not hard! Hope to see you at the next class.

If you feel you need more practice or guidance check out the TwerkFit workout APP with the 6 weeks program I have on it that builds your strength, flexibility, and fitness level.

Click HERE to check out the APP

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