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Cacao Ceremony

Personal and Small Group ceremonies

Have you always wanted to go to a cacao ceremony but not sure if you would like it? Maybe you are shy to go into a large group and expereince something new. Maybe you already a cacao lover but every time you want to go for a ceremony or a cacao event you have something else in your calendar?

Here is your chance. I offer a small group call out. Which means i can go to your home and provide you a personal one to one or a small group session at the comfort of your home. All you need is a small space in your room, I will bring all the sound elements, and the cacao and of course we can build the altar together.

This may be the most convinient and safest way to expereince the ceremony and personalise the theme for the session. Price vary based on location and numbers of people / portions of cacao.

Please leve your details below and a brief description on what you have in mind and i will be back to you shortly with a proposal that hopefully will work for everyone.



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Let’s Work Together

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