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Twerk Fit Classes Dublin

The Spiritual but BadASS Story

Vision | Drive | Passion

Meet The Team

Changing The World, One Woman At A Time


Nikki Solyom

Owner / Certified Dietitian
Master Twerk Instructor

I am not a dancer, don`t even have good coordination trust me. I am the one who is in the back of the class and goes right where everyone went left. When I created Twerk-Fit I wanted to design a dance workout for girls like me. For that reason, all my classes are easy to follow and learn so anyone can join and have fun.

Here we don't do dance performances, we do FUN Fitness. We all know that exercising is important and to be fit and healthy. But honestly, how many of us really LOVE going to the gym or for a run? Well, the other reason I made Twerk-Fit is to make you forget you even working out, yet you will walk out with sweaty "ASS" So the next morning when you wake up you will feel like you worked out your legs, your booty, and your abs yet you won't walk like a war veteran like after a good gym session.

(we all felt like that some days after the gym didn't we?)

I am determined to make fitness truly fun and something you can look forward to doing every week. 


My goal is to transform women's confidence and fitness levels all around Ireland and maybe in a few years' time in Europe.

Regional Master Trainers



Regional Master



Fatima is a Spanish professional salsa dancer who decided to start teaching TwerkFit in 2018 with Nikki in Swan leisure. Since then she moved back to Spain and offering classes in her local community.

Aly 2_edited.jpg


Regional Master



Alyeta qualified in 2019 and became a twerk instructor after being a regular class attendee on the twerk classes in Dance Ireland.  Since 2020 she moved back to Romania and now offering zoom TwerkFit classes.

Dance & Fitness Instructors



Twerk Fit &

Zumba Instructor


Instructor &

Healthy Living Expert


Twerk Fit &

Zumba Instructor


Twerk Fit

Sandry twerk 3.jpeg

Sandri Chami

Sandri is a Spanish dancer who decided to start teaching twerk as an empowering movement. 

I was really struggling with three things: anxiety, making friends and working out, until twerk found me. 

Twerk helps to let go - women hold a lot of tension in their hips. When you move them you release emotional tension and stress that has been hold there.

Every single woman should have a weekly check in, with their body and their emotions. 

This space really helps you boost your confidence, decrease your stress levels, keeps you motivated and FIT.
She is teaching some of our Thursday evening classes in the

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