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Yoga on Rocks

Kundalini Yoga
Online Course

Join our Kundalini Yoga online course and develop the good habit of doing daily / weekly practices that fit into your lifestyle. The program is suitable for beginners and designed to release stress and anxiety for a clearer mind and better mental focus.

What do you get?

How to incorporate it?

Developing new routines in our life sometimes is harder than it looks. When you are looking to get a routine that helps you relax and decrease stress the last thing you need is more pressure attending to a busy class or fighting against traffic. That's why I have these home routines for you. Be easy on yourself. Even if you do all videos once a week that's already 4 sessions you added to your routine. It's huge.  Try to create a space and time when you can enjoy other than rush these videos to be done.  I guarantee you the results will be amazing.

Kundalini Intro
Morning Routine
Evening Routine
Class 1 - weekly routine
Class 2 - weekly routine
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Sun and Moon Salutation

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