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Usually, cacao ceremonies take 2 hrs. I start with talking about the traditions of the Mayans and how they used cacao. Depends on what cacao we use I also share the story of the tribe who makes them as well. We start the ceremony with blessing the 4 corners and the 2 directions (below & above) 

Then we serve the cacao with the traditions of passing it over to each other and blessing it, blowing love into it before we drink it. 

The video you can watch here will pick up from here and usually the session also finishes with sharing circle.  Sharing our experience is a very important part of the ceremony as it bonds us and create familiarizes within our community.

If you watch this video, I recommend taking min 20g of cacao or if you are an experience cacao drinker 42g would be the ceremonial dose.
in the Live ceremonies everyone starts with 20g and if they feel like it can up the doe or take another cup. I feel sometimes based on the day, the monophase how tired I am I might take less or more cacao as well so its nice to have an option.


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Live classes are based in the Sanctuary in Dublin 7, Stonybatter

Tel: 01/6705-419

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