Twerk Fit Dance Classes

Twerk Fit

 Dance Your Way To Fitness

Twerk Fit is the coolest workout in town. Twerk fit is the new Zumba and one of the best Dublin Dance classes on the market.   If you ask me it`s like firing Shakira and Enrique Eglesias and hiring Sean Paul and Beyonce.


Twerk Fit is a cool, upbeat and fun Dublin dance class where you will learn how to shake your booty like Cardi B, move your hips like Nicky Minaj and walk the dance-floor like Beyonce.


The reality is that this class is for people who love to dance, keep fit and shake their ass to some great tunes.  Our dance classes are designed to be fun with lots of laughter, keeping your booty and legs in shape like never before.

How many kinds of Twerk Fit you can try?

Regular Twerk Fit class which is 1hr long.


NEON Twerk fit class for the party lovers and the shy ones who like to stay in the dark and party like the `00. This class last about 1.5 hrs with the preparation of face and body-painting before the class with Neon paint. (paint will be provided)


Twerk Fit workout App for the ones who cannot make it to the class and just want to shake their booty in the comfort of their home.


Twerk Fit Videos

What is TwerkFit? If you are still unsure whatch this fun video that will explain the vibe, the moves you can expect from the classes, hen parties, birthday parties you may attend to.