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Become a Twerk Fit Instructor

Become a Twerk Fit Instructor

TwerkFit is trademarked in Ireland under Fitchicks365 company which allows you to become a Twerk Fit Instructor on a day course and take on the business franchise to yourself. Once you complete the day training which includes learning the basic, the more advanced moves followed by learning choreography and creating choreography you will receive your certification paper. That will also allow you to acquire insurance for your business and create a status of your upcoming classes. After the training you will also have access to a site where you can find all the training materials, videos of dance classes, songs, and other tutorials available.

TwerkFit is a very popular dance fitness class and once you put a little practice and preparation in you will be able to start teaching your own classes. The website will help you create your classes online and be bookable for the public to assist you on your journey in case you don’t have your own channels to do this.
There is a tremendous support here from Nikki the creator and owner of the class so please ask for any help you need after the training to become a successful TwerkFit workout instructor. Whether it will be a side income or your main gig there will be help and support for the road from the team. 

TwerkFit is also more than just a dance fitness class. It’s a tool to empower woman, to create a strong female community and help other find they way to body positivity and self confidence through a dance practice.   Take that leap of faith and become a Twerk Fit Instructor that will change your life forever.

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