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Dance classes to try in Dublin

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Zoukalicious Dance

If you are looking for the hottest and the sexiest Latino moves in Dublin, Mona Byrne is the woman to go to. I went to Mona's classes a few times in the past. My favorite ones are the woman-only classes just because I am not the most confident with couple dancing. She used to run these amazing female empowerment classes in the Phoenix Park by the Gazebo that made everyone feel like a sexy badass woman for the day. She runs many different courses and classes all depending on your commitment level. check out Mona`s Facebook page. or reach out to her on her Instagram profile. she is teaching in many different locations in Dublin ie.: Mind the step Cafe, Trinity Dance School


This class promotes self-love and body confidence. Focus on creating a space for self-empowerment and woman empowerment. Her heels classes are sexy and sassy. The music mixes Slow R&B/ Hip-hop/ Afrobeat. If you want to build your confidence in heels and learn how to dance sexy in them you must try this class. She is also providing private classes for anyone who just wants`s to get a little more into the technical bits or just to boost your confidence before your next class, maybe to prepare a sexy dance for your boyfriend's birthday. Whatever is your goal the fun will be guaranteed.

Check out her Instagram page and get in touch with her for your first class.

Zumba with Justyna

Now this woman is on fire. I don't know where she gets her energy from after being a mother of two and working full time. Once you step into her class the energy is contagious. Exploding fun and laugh and the good old Zumba moves. They say Zumba goes out of style but if it's up to Justyna it will never die. Check out her Zumba page on Facebook where you can see the different locations she can is teaching classes. Follow her and her amazing dance journey on Instagram

Conor Davis Contemporary Dance classes

Conor is teaching beginners street Jazz classes online and in various studios in Dublin. He is a choreographer and specialized in Urban Contemporary Street Jazz. I have done Conor`s classes during the pandemic from zoom. It was a breath of fresh air to be so lost in the fluid dance and explore my body with the new movements. This is definitely a class for the ones who like to get lost in the moment and allow the new age rithm to take over your body. I also found his classes very useful for my coordination as with every move you learn to improve your stability, and muscle memory.

You can book Conor`s classes through his website:

Visit his Facebook page for up to day information: Facebook

and check out his Instagram page for cool videos and photos of the classes.

NEON Twerk-Fit

Yes of course I am going to mention the Neon Twerk. It`s my baby and I am not sure you know that it was invented accidentally. We bought a neon light for a house party a few years ago to place it under the couch for cooler lightning. As the party progressed we got drunker and more dancier and the feeling of the Neon dance was born. Didn't need much more to get the neon body paints the wrist bands, the special pink and neon green booty shorts to make the twerk fit class even more fun. Most people say after the class that they felt much more comfortable during the class to let loose and just dance freely because of the darkness.

Well... if you are looking for a "Saturday night out" on any weekdays without getting drunk here is your to-go place:

Keep in touch via Facebook and Instagram with Nikki

Cardio Dance with Sylvia

If you are looking for a good energetic online class here is the woman to go to. She is a badass Zumba teacher and she created her own Cardio Dance fitness class which is filled with high-intensity exercises to make you sweat. It`s perfectly suitable for beginners but I am not going to lie, prepare for some kick-ass workout She is also an amazing nutritionist coach, just have a look at her mouthwatering recipes on her website or get in touch with her for one to one fitness coaching: Check out her Instagram page where you can always find updated news about her fitness events.

DonKing Ronagavilla

Well where do I start? This guy knows how to dance. I am in love with his dance classes mainly because it is a little bit more hip-hop style and I love that. He has the broadway moves and the patience of the saint teaching us "mortals" (haha) how to dance. I have been in many of his classes as well as his amazing Adult Acro fit classes which helped me a big deal getting over my fears of backflips and other acrobatic moves.

Nearly forgot to say he is also a kick-ass Zumba teacher, an actor a choreographer too.

Check out his website . Get in touch with him via social media on his Instagram page.

Disco Yoga

"Ohh My God" was my first thought when I attended this event in the Option nightclub/ restaurant before opening hours. The DISCO feeling was on before the night even started and we all stood there in full Yoga gear with our Yoga mats. At the door, we got glitter paint onto our faces. Then ABBA and all the 80`s music started to play with the cheesy moves and our very own DJ by the podium. I am not sure how much of a workout it really was but my abs were sore from all the laughing the next day. I hope it will be back in Dublin soon because I will be the first one to get a ticket to another Disco Yoga class.

Check out the official site

and Visit the Irish Instagram site or the UK site

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