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Twerk Fit Dublin Classes

Kundalini Yoga and Twerk Dance Fitness Classes
In Dublin & Online

Spiritual but BadASS

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Feminine Yin and Yang


The good old balance in life. Shall I be good or bad, sexy or reserved, loud or silent? On this website, you will find both to keep your soul on fire and to cool your mind.



Twerk Fit Is the fire-like sexy goddess babe inside of you. She wants to have fun, feel the power and energy. Laugh, make friends, and dance on every dance floor.


Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga Is your inner peace. Your body`s ability to heal itself. The deep meditation and shadow work. The one who is calm and present in every situation in your life to guide you with wisdom.

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I received Twerk-Fit instructors training by Nikki and it was absolutely amazing. It was very enjoyable and fun 4 hours of dancing and learning new tips and tricks about making your own classes.

Nikki is fantastic ! She shared everything that you need to know.  The most enjoyable training i have ever had !  Can't wait to twerk those cheeks again as it is a great way to get in shape and stay fit.  Thank you Nikki for bringing something new and fun into my life.


Become a Twerk-fit Instructor.
6th May Saturday we will hold a 6 hrs training that will teach you all the types of Twerkfit Classes you can teach under our trademark. the training will include 3 hrs of training, plenty of time to learn and practice moves, history of the dance and the class format.

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Best in Ireland Site Approved class

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Neon Twerk Classes
Every Monday 7.30pm

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