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Yoga Retreat


7 Days Retreat

What does Metamorphosis means:

The process of transformation from an immature form to an adult form. A change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one. In this retreat we take that Metamorphosis into the spiritual level and to your energy centers known as chakras. To honor the Celtic Land and the year of the Dragon (2024) we will follow the Celtic Chakra system in this transformation. 


What is the Celtic chakra system?

The Celtic Chakra system is based on the journey and not the final destination. The journey in the spiral way also represents the never ending death and rebirth cycle of our soul journey. In the Celtic Chakras one "rides the dragon" (otherly known in Vedic traditions as the Kundalini) and discover the world.

Chakra Clensing

There is a myth that your chakras need activation. Your chakras are active from the moment you were born. They may be out of alignment through lifetime of habbits or it may be the case of behavioral patterns. When we align our chakras, our visions and life missions or so called soul purpose becomes clear. 

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Kundalini Yoga

In this retreat we will heavily use Kundalini Yoga practices to physically and energetically clense and balance the chakras. Kundalini yoga consist of postures (asanas) breating techniques (pranayama) vibrational frequencies (mantras) and hand gestures to direct the energy (Mudras).
This techniques gives many people a lifechanging expereince since its helping you to rewrite your nervous system and reliefe your body and mind from many societal diseases.

Energy Work

Through many traditions energy workers and energy healers were named in different names. Most people know them nowadays as Reiki Masters, Light Workers etc.  In this retreat we will have group energy healing sessions solely focused on Chakra alignments and blockage release. 
(please note there will be no Kundalini Activation through energy work in this retreat)

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Plant Medicines

Pachamana our Mother Earth has provided us with healing herbs all through the centuries. Some of the commony knows western medicines were invented through witnessing a specific herbs curing a disease. Penicillin was created from mould which is a type of mushroom. In this retreat we will use herbs and other medicines such as cacao and blue lotus that helps with the individual Chakra clensing and aligning.

Example Day of the Retreat

We will dedicate 1 day to each Chakras

Root Chakra
8.30am - Yoga
9.30am - Meditation
10am - Breakfast / Lunch ( snacks will be available through the day)
12pm - Meditation and Chanting session
2pm Group Energy Healing Session

4pm - 6pm - Self Reflection

6.30pm - Dinner
8pm - Herbal / Plant Medicine Ceremony / Soundbath Session

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Nikki will be introducing all the Chakra systems in theory and practical sessions as well.
She will lead the Kundalini sesssions and visualisation meditations. She will also host the Cacao and Blue Lotus Ceremonies to the group with some little extra ecstatic dancing expereince as well. Teaming up with Renata she will also host beautiful and powerful soundbath expereinces for all of us.


Renata is our on board multidisciplinary therapist and Naturopath. Her passion for Natural lifestyle has led her to become a professional Herbalist. She’s a fully qualified and practising Herbalist and Aromatherapist with clinical experience in using medicinal mushrooms and various herbal extracts.
She will provide us with a diversity of tea blends made from medicinal plants that will help us on our Chakra Aligning Journey. She will also open for us the world of Reflexology and how it connects to our Chakra system.


Piya is a powerful energy healer and light worker. Her background is massage therapy from Thailand but her true strenght comes from her deep connection to the energy channels. She will present us meditations, astral projection training and group energy clensing on the retreat.
Piya holds a successful practice in Dublin and she is dedictated to create a safe envirement for all of us through the transformations on this retreat.

Retreat Location in Ireland Wicklow



What to wear?
- Comfortable clothing, i.e. leggings.

What food will be served?

- The food is Ayurvedic vegetarian selection and it's aimed to support the chakra clensing. Each day we will learn about food that helps the chakras to align and we will consume those kinds on those day.

Do I have to take part in all sessions?

- All sessions are optional in case you need some alone time.

What accomodation types we have?

- There are 8 bedrooms -  12 beds - 8 bathrooms. The rooms are available as double bed on your own, twin bed sharing the room or sharing one double bed.


Payment Options

Double Room Single


Rest is payable on
the day of arrival in cash

Twin Room

Double Room
Double Bed



Rest is payable on
the day of arrival in cash

Rest is payable on
the day of arrival in cash

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