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What is the Phoenix Rising Retreats?

The phoenix rising is a 3 day-long to a 5 days-long time retreat for you to actively participate in body and mind training activities to fuel meaningful self-reflection to power the act of self-compassion and accountability.

Who is the Phoenix Rising Retreats for?

The phoenix rising retreats is for women only. This retreat is for all women in need of visible actionable changes after going through spiritual awakening. Is for all women  feeling a bit lost on the road to being authentic after recognizing struggling with the masculine and feminine energies. Is for all women who are experiencing the world differently but need company, connection and support in the here and now. It`s for all the women seeking to breakthrough depressive and anxious habits, it’s for all women breaking through abusive relations and are moving forward because they know that the world needs more love given through the heart of true leaders.

What does it mean high performance?

The phoenix rising programme is designed to make you work at your best. Coaching the mind with practical emotional intelligence tools for you to feel and think differently about yourself. Working your body to awaken the forces of kundalini yoga and tribal twerking. Embracing the shadows of your character to free the light from within. Getting out the comfort zone requires mental and phyisical effort, and high performance is you in the flow of getting there with us. The programme is tailored to assist you to activate and maintain the right attitudes and emotions to fuel new actions that aligns to who you are. Deep reflections, honesty and the willing to embrace change are at the center of high perform human beings. Practicing and embracing these muscles over and over is what the phoenix rising programme is all about. Feel free to ask questions about it if this answer does not satisfy your curiosity.

Where and when are the Phoenix Retreats located?

From Friday evening of the 10th of Novemember until Monday 13th lunch-time 2023
at the beautiful Delphi Resort
Connemara, Galway,

From Friday evening of the 8th of March until Tuesday 12th lunch-time
to welcome 2024 spring time in the Yellow House
near the mystical mountains of Sintra,

What does the phoenix retreats includes?

Shadow work: is a type of psychotherapy that focuses on the “shadow self,” which is the parts of the psyche that people often keep hidden, such as trauma and resentment. For that reason, hypnotherapist Julia is focused on delivering the light work program to heal and walk towards your authentic-self.

Cacao ceremony:  is a space to relate with cacao with gratitude, intention, and reciprocity. Kundalini yoga teacher Nikki, opens this sacred meditation space to help you get out of your head and into your heart; opening the doors to your magic, talents and gifts. Cacao opens your heart and help you love yourself exactly where you're at.

Kundalini yoga: is a form of yoga that involves chanting, singing, breathing exercises, and repetitive poses. Its purpose is to activate your kundalini energy, or shakti. Kundalini yoga teacher Nikki will guide you through the most spiritual form of yoga to obtain both physical and mental benefits.

Emotional intelligence: is the understanding of all the competencies that exist within your body and mind to recognize the events that serve and support your authentic-self and at the same time to avoid more than not the events that distract you from being in that awareness of authenticity. It involves the intelligence of the heart in action. Creative Coach Annick, will guide you of the how, when, what and where to activate those muscles to sustain your optimal performance at will.


Past life regression: is a gentle healing technique that takes you on a hypnotic journey, safely into a past life time. Hypnotherapist Julia will guide you to explore and represent the power of the subconscious mind.

Tribal twerk: a playful space to relate with one another’s female and masculine energies by honouring who we are through the rythms of music and the beat of our hearts.  Open the doors to your body movements, dance free and without judgement by shaking your hips to love yourself exactly the way you are with twerk instructors Annick and Nikki.

Sound bath: is a deeply relaxing, meditative experience which can take you on a journey of deep relaxation, healing and self discovery. The idea is that these vibrations are at specific tones and frequencies and have the ability to heal your body. Enjoy the waves with instructor Nikki.

Breathwork: is a breathing technique to change breathing pattern. It reduces stress, creates feelings of openness, love, peace, gratitude, clarity, communication, and connection. Breathwork supports you to release mental, physical, and emotional blocks and therefore regulates emotions.

Drumming: the heartbeat of the drum offers an inner peace for you to connect in a deep level with you and others around you. Is a way to experience the connection that exists from the human world with the spirit world. Experience drumming.

Fire ceremony: creative coach Annick, yoga kundalini teacher Nikki and hipnotherapist Julia unites forces to seal the changes embraces by you with the most powerfully transformative of all rituals! A fire ceremony offers the opportunity to use the source of all light to amplify intentions and oblations. A force of destruction, creation and purification, fire is at the centre of all spiritual practices and very common among all ancient and native cultures.

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