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Phoenix Rising Retreats

 Dates are coming out soon for 2025 Portugal and 2024 Ireland 

Awakening your inner Goddess so you can step into your Power

In 2024 we will step into the last segment of a 180 year cycle based on the old Chinese Calendar. This is a huge consciousness shift for the whole world. These 180 years cycles are segmented to 20 years blocks.
The last block in this cycle will be the NEW AGE OF WOMAN - The Phoenix Rising and the Yin energy where the element is the Fire. THIS is our Time, no later not next year. This is the time to reclaim your power, to leave all your traumas and ancestral baggage behind and become who you always meant to be. It`s time for you to Reborn!

In this retreat we work a lot on Emotional Release, Trauma Surfacing, Triggers, Emotional

intelligence, and Shadow Work. 
After these days you will be a NEW WOMAN. 
It`s not just an experience what you will take home. We work on real change and true self so you can harvest in your life the new skills your learned. We also create the space where you can leave the old fully behind.


What Can You Expext?

We use various plant medicines on our retreats, such as Cacao and Irish Hawthorn and of course "Food" Real food as nutrition that is presented through vegetarian meals during the retreat.

You will experience different ceremonies on the daily basis to help you release, let go and move forward. Daily Yoga such as Yin, Hatha and Kundalini with specific breathing techniques like Shamanic Breathing and Somatic Experience will be practiced also.

Your will learn and integrate emotional intelligence tools and deep Shadow work.

The workshops and group sessions set and planned in a way to work one on another like pillars of a new building. There will be so much new information to learn and not just to experience that we recommend preparing yourself and bring a journal but at least a notebook.

We designed these retreats on clinically proven Mindfulness techniques and Ancient Tribal Spiritual experiences. Our goal is not just to awaken you but to hold you in a space where you can evolve and change into something new, a better version of yourself.

Your Teachers

Meditate at the beach
Sinead profile shot.jpg

Sinead Sharkey

Qualified Psyhologyst 


Annick Doza

High-Performance Creative Coach who will focus on delivering Emotional Intelligence tools for the retreat and set the group for full integration of the experience. 

Nikki solyom Profile photo.jpg

Nikki Solyom

Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Cacao Facilitator, Shamanic Breath Instructor and Tribe Dancer. Nikki will be responsible to work on our physicial body to help embody our power.

Whos is this retreat for?

·         This retreat is for woman. 

·         For Woman who has been going through spiritual awakening and feeling lost on the road. It’s for woman who wants to take change of their life. 

·         It`s for Woman who has been struggling to find the balance between Masculine and Feminine energy in their life. 

·         It`s for the ones who have been taking other plant medicines, started to see the world differently but don`t know where to go from here.

·         It`s for the ones who are suffering from depression and anxiety with their daily life. 

·         It`s for the witches who has been burned in their past life.

·         It`s for Women who are recovering from abusive relation and need to let go, move forward in their life.

·         It`s for anyone who believed that this world we are living in to be fully healed need more LOVE and less LEADERS, WARS, and ICONS. 

Explore more about the retreat

Sample Day A

  • Hatha yoga and pranayama with chakra cleansing meditation

  • Herbal tea and juices for detox

  • Coaching session for inner child work

  • Breakfast

  • Resting and pool time

  • Past life hypnotic meditation

  • Trauma release breathwork session

  • Journaling and sharing circle

  • Light dinner in the house and reflection on the training

  • Blue Lotus ceremony with deep sleep meditation

Sample Day B

  • Wake up early to do meditation and yoga with breathwork in the mountains

  • Enjoying the magnificent view and connection to nature

  • Group picnic breakfast close to a monastery

  • After breakfast, walking down to a monastery and visiting the spiritual site

  • Light lunch (juice / smoothie option)

  • Beach time - rest and relax

  • Dinner

  • Emotional intelligence coaching - integration techniques

This is the list of activities you can expect to happen:

  • Hatha yoga

  • Kundalini yoga

  • Pranayama

  • Trauma release breathwork

  • Chakra cleansing mantras and mudras

  • Chakra cleansing dance - tribal twerk

  • Emotional intelligence training

  • Journaling

  • Group coaching sessions

  • Cacao ceremony

  • Blue Lotus ceremony

  • Past life regression session

  • Inner child healing

  • Feng Shui 101 training

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