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Intro to Shdow Work 

What is shadow work?


Shadow work is the process to look within all the dark corners of your soul and personality, with the intention of cleaning up all that no longer serves your needs. So that you can live your best life being your most authentic self.


Shadow work is about acknowledging, accepting, embracing and letting go of those unwanted behaviours, feelings and emotions that hold us back from becoming a better version of ourselves. It allows us to break those patterns of self criticism pushing us forward towards self love and compassion.


Who is it for?


The practice is for anyone seeking their higher self following a deeper understanding of themselves and a spiritual practice.


Shadow work is the missing piece for full integration between your inner child and your higher self.


What do you gain from it?


Shadow work is one of the hardest spiritual practices out there as you have to be willing to dive in to the deep "dark" parts of your soul and subconscious mind. To have the courage to face, accept, let go and embrace the changes. It can be done individually or as a group.


Shadow work helps you release the blockages and traumatic situations from your path by shining light into it. Enlightening the path for you to see yourself as you truly are, empowering you to take back the driver seat of your life and drive towards achieving your wildest dreams .


It cleans the path unleashing a power and potential that you might not even know is been there all along. 


Believe in yourself, trust your gut, stop living your life based on what others think and say. Claim back the power that is your birthright.


You are powerful, you are beautiful, you are enough. 


Embrace your shadow and let your light shine.


Embarque with me in this journey of self discovery, release and integration.

Dates are coming soon for this workshop

You can register your ineterrest here or ask anything from Julia in advance to the session

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